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In a restaurant called Isdaan located off a highway in Tarlac (quickly becoming a go-to tradition whenever we’re in the country), besides the amazing food, they have an entire wall dedicated to smashing plates against.

You buy a plate (or mugs, or bowls, or saucers) and you smash it against the wall, hitting the description/name of the person you’re furious about—they cover from infidel lovers to whiny customers, from people who didn’t pay their debts to your boss. You scream “Tacsiyapo!" as you hit them—a Kapampangan cuss word, apparently.

This was my cherry on top of this action-packed year. The perfect ending, if you ask me. My sister’s guy took his turn, too.

I was aiming for “Fling,” but due to my poor hand-eye coordination (or lack thereof) and a nonexistent pitching arm, it landed somewhere on “Sister-In-Law.”

But it really gets your endorphins going. As they say, stored anger is bad anger, so why not smash plates with it. Or houses.

Tarlac, Philippines.
December 2012.

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