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The best part of any road trip are the stopovers along the way—mostly it’s the roadside food. But here in the Philippines we have roadside markets.

One of my mantras while traveling is to keep an open mouth (I think I heard that from a Miracle Whip ad), so I tried out this tiny delicacy called sundot kulangot. I’ve seen and heard of it before but never tried because it is the most offensive-sounding food I have ever heard, for the reason that literally, in a word-by-word translation, it means “pick booger.”

I know.

Basically you eat it like how you pick a booger. (I am not making this appealing at all. I am so sorry.) You crack its tiny shell, like a nut, and stuck to the shell is a sweet, sticky, brown sugar thing that actually tastes good. In order to get it, you have to pick it out. Exactly like a booger.

Yes. OK.

I should write for food blogs.

Baguio City, Philippines.
December 2012.

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