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I was planning on spending the day indoors to finish Hemingway, which I did, but after that I got bored so I went out anyway. I walked around, had lunch, then walked around a bit more. I went in vintage shops without buying anything. I decided to head back, so I turned right at a random corner, and—bam—right in my face, an awning screaming, “We buy books!” I had actually been subconsciously looking for secondhand bookstores. The mind works in odd ways.

The windows were full to the brim with bookshelf after bookshelf. Obviously I went over my head and went inside, smiling like a complete lunatic. Strolled every aisle (my favorite was the Greek Lit., ugh, they’re wonderfully stocked) and then finally found a clear purchase: The Lord of the Rings, finally, after years of putting it off. I got all of the three books in one, massive, $10 volume.

I’m a happy kid at the moment.

Magus Books, NE 42nd Street.
Seattle, Washington.
January 2013.

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