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Brought doughnuts to work the other day and it was just perfect timing because we were swamped that day.

Courtesy of Mighty-O, which is way better than Top Pot—allegedly “best donuts in town.” So if you’re ever in Seattle take a drive up around the Green Lake neighborhood and grab some!

Seattle, Washington.
October 2013.

Granville Island! It’s my favorite part of the trip. There was the public market that had international cuisines in food stalls, and I also got to catch the Thursday farmer’s market. Lots of people and food and sun. Also, obligatory photo for first macaron I’ve ever had (in my opinion, over-hyped).

Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
September 2013.

Dinner at the top of the Space Needle. Fancy, but the food and the view (and the date) make it worth it.

Seattle, Washington.
June 2013.

Lunch and wall art at the Old Forge.
Vail, Colorado.
January 2012.

Lunch at a random place in Chinatown.
Seattle, Washington.
January 2011.

Last morning in Seattle.
Seattle, Washington.
January 2011.