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SeaTac, Washington.
July 2014.

Gio surprised me on my birthday by flying up to Seattle almost totally undetected and staying the entire week of it. It turned out to be a fest with a birthday cake, various flowers, lots of Asian food trips, walking around the International District, and trying to stay up as late as we can only finding out we’re too old for it. To top it all off, he got me the gift of the lovely Instax 90, which I’ve been drooling over ever since Photojojo said it’s “only available for a limited time.”

Best birthday ever.

Seattle, Washington.
July 2014.

Oxnard, California.
June 2014.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.
February 2014.

We like trying on stuff.

Las Vegas, Nevada.
June 2014.

Adventures in the “woods.”

Bainbridge Island, Washington.
April 2014.